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STEP 1. Prepare Your Labels

We recommend shipping your precious metals with tracking and insurance via FedEx, UPS, or US Postal Service.

We can email you insured shipping labels.

Contact us for an inner box and outer box label via:

  • FedEx – Express, 2-day, or Ground
  • UPS – Overnight, 2-day, or Ground

… or use your own shipping labels.

Mailing Box

STEP 2. Pack Your Precious Metals

Follow the best practices below to ensure safe and secure shipment.

1. Plastic bag layer

Place your materials securely in a plastic bag (Zip-loc or similar) so they are not loose. Use as many bags as necessary. Stuff any gaps with paper or plastic to prevent precious metals from shaking or grinding during shipping.

2. Nesting box layer

Put the bag in a sturdy shipping box that is just large enough to fit the contents. Include the forms necessary (see below). Securely tape your box closed and affix the inner box label provided by us.

3. Outer box layer

Put the box in a plain, slightly bigger box. Use paper, plastic, or foam stuffing to help protect the contents. A properly stuffed package will not make rattling or sliding noises when handled. Tape the box closed and affix the outer box label.

→ We recommend using clear, heavy-duty shipping tape for securing both boxes.

→ Avoid large logos or stickers that may reveal the high-value contents of your package, such as those referencing jewelry or gold.

→ Make sure bottoms of boxes are sturdy enough to support the contents of the package, and ensure that there are no open corners or seams.

Mailing Box

STEP 3.Pack Your Completed Shipping Form & Submit the Patriot Act Pledge of Compliance

We can process and pay you the same day we receive your shipped precious metals, for all Scrap Gold, Scrap Silver, Scrap Platinum, and Scrap Palladium.

Download shipping form here

If you’re not using the form above, please include the following required info:

  1. Your contact information, including email
  2. Preferred payment method (ACH, wire transfer, PayPal, Zelle, check, money order) and account info
  3. List of contents and weights, if known
  4. Whether you want to use our stone removal and return services – Would you like us to return any detected metals with no precious metal value?

Submit your Patriot Act form here

Mailing Box

STEP 4. Ship To Us

For your peace of mind, we will contact you immediately upon receiving your shipment.

To ensure safety and security:

  • Abbreviate business names to help protect the high-value contents of your package.
  • Avoid large logos or stickers that reference jewelry, gold, or precious metals.

Ship to:

6689 Orchard Lake Rd., #341
West Bloomfield, MI 48322


1835 E Hallandale Beach Blvd #447
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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Get same-day payment upon settlement.

Processing times vary depending on materials. Particulate precious metals may take slightly longer.

Within 5 ~7 business days:

  • Filings, grindings, and bench sweeps from jeweler’s bench

Within 10~15 business days:

  • Buffings, polishings, used filters and wheels from the buffing machine
  • Vacuum bags from within 6 feet of the jeweler’s bench
  • Used sandpaper, wipes, and crucibles
  • Floor sweeps and carpets from within 6 feet of the jeweler’s bench


Mailing Box

Contact us for your shipping label today!

We also offer In-Person service at your place of business

with minimal disruption to your day

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